A Poor Place For an Open Window.

I wanted to right a story as if told by a neighbor at a mailbox. This is what came out of that want.  Continue reading


I Wait for My Love 

I Wait for My Love 
He has chosen me from amid all worlds, 

From the beginning, I was beloved 

Held in honor, above all else 

Just His name- Peace, Joy, my Promise 
He has formed me, listen! I am His art! 

Formed from all time- 

Writ in Light from all Dark! 

And so, in darkest times, I wait for Him 

Yes, I wait for my Love, 

I will wait for Him 
A Vine has sprung, to His branch, Israel

And the Word is heard by His most troubled child

My mighty warrior, He shuts up hungry Hell

In His presence, live beauty, live comfort 
He has held me, listen! Held me as One! 

Just as He is One, 

Just as Three in One! 

And so, far from home, I will wait for Him

Yes, I wait for my Love, 

I will wait for Him 
He is my strong Lion, my Lover, my Lamb! 

Who holds my heart and the world in one hand! 

And it falls not, through the hole that I nailed-

Though I slew Him, in return, He slew Death!
How I love Him, listen! How I love! 

But, oh, that He was my Price! my Blood! 

That His Father quenched Heaven’s hatred-

By bloodying this sweet, Spotless One.
He has cleansed me, listen! I, His Bride! 

I, the whore, I, the wretch 

Clean in His eyes! 

Because He loves me, for His sake, alone. 

I wait for Him, 

Yes, I will wait for My Love. 

Love, do not leave me waiting for long. 

7-18-15 127pm


Regretfully, I haven’t been writing as many stories for the site lately. I plan on working on more in the next week, but, there is good reason that I haven’t been. I have been hard at work on my full-length book! My obsessive nature keeps me from finishing things quickly, this is almost my third rewrite of the first third of the book in the last 9 months, but I am taking the time I need to have the confounded thing finished perfectly as I see fit. (It’s a feeling, you know. When something jives, I can tell, and I won’t settle for mediocrity in my writing, even to the point of driving myself insane.) Whoever is reading this, thank you very much. My family, WordPress, and the WordPress community have inspired me to grow and to further my writing in many ways, and I look forward to sharing, reading, and growing much more in the future.